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  • The Starlight Of Versailles –Just For U

    Posted on January 13th, 2011 admin No comments

    The series jewelries the starlight of Versailles which come from the 1661 Versailles palace are produced completely. Having been staying for about 300 years, they are performing an outstanding role like a famous star in our modern life as a great beautiful artwork.

    Art heritage

    Designers follow the famous FENIX Impressionist Art style in jewelry; they go on this unique design concept perfectly which are presented in “Versailles starlight” series jewelry works, just as many beautiful stars ornamented with high quality, diamonds, they give us a common feeling, you will seem to fly in sky.

    Perfect quality

    Every piece of jewelry from FENIX is pursuing of perfection in every specific process in production, the series of the starlight of Versailles Adopt unique round bright type cutting and showing extremely beauty of every piece of diamond which are attaché by special methods. Every specific diamond can attract us by its light reflection, the whole product is very luxury and bright, these little pieces of diamonds are enchased manually by some experts who have had experience for more than 20 years and spend about 100 hours. Strict demand in enchasing art has superior value of manual craft.

    Every diamond screening, enchase position is in stricter standards, Manual with hi-tech equipment technology, arrange diamond appropriately; it is more beautiful, soft for skin, comfortable to wear.

    Perfect show

    The starlight of Versailles, jewelries of this limited edition attracts many females who are favorite wearing jewelries; they are fall in love with these artworks, after standing vicissitudes in many years, Versailles still keep its primitive simplicity and elegance.

    There are rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants; every production comes from that great palace which has a long history. Starlight, this word represents a great creative thought based on the combination of starlight in night and the diamond colors, but also it means that these artworks remind those who will wear them to feel the ancient stories happened in that palace, these stories will be connected with every wearer and lea you to visit Marble courtyard and Herculaneum hall, Venus hall…