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  • Three Tips Teach You Pick a Perfect Platinum Wedding Ring

    Posted on April 20th, 2011 admin No comments

    Step 1 Select the most worthy of the precious metal for diamonds

    Platinum is one of the rarest valuable metal in the world and limits in production, it represent forever for its pure and rare quality, we can explore rare platinum seldom in few places over in the world. Only this rare valuable metal can be collocate with diamond to create your perfect wedding rings. Pure nature bright light can supply you bright light with diamonds, platinum and diamond form a contrast and perfect reflect each other. Also they have top precious quality, also represent eternity acme, platinum and diamond deduce to get perfect tacit understanding, they become the best witness for eternal promise, as time goes by, they still luster unabated, and keep constant.

    Step2 Choose the most perfect diamond ring stage

    Majority people think that the hardest metal can be the perfect choice to inlay diamond, it is not, and Mosaic is a complex process and has a high demand for technique, so whether a diamond inlays tightly is not determined by the hard level of metals. Platinum due to its excellent toughness, it is not easy to break and wear, so the more qualified for various complex delicate inlaying techniques provide better protection for diamonds, at the same time, platinum can keep steady quality in any extreme environment, good toughness and ductility can tightly firm the inlaid diamond and protect the diamond. Top brands wedding rings all inlay diamonds on platinum. I believe that brides all hope the love symbol can be forever as platinum.

    Step 3 to recognize “real platinum”

    The most direct method to distinguish platinum and other white metal is seeking the exclusive sigh of platinum; also we can call it as the Id card of platinum. According to the regulation, in the back or above of each piece of platinum jewelry ring must be engraved with any of the following a special symbol – platinum, platinic gold, platinum or Pt, and in logo must be with the following platinum purity (platinum-based quantity) indicate Pt900 (representative – platinum platinum-based quantity 900 ‰), platinum Pt950 (representative platinum-based quantity 950 ‰), foot platinum Pt990 (representative platinum-based quantity 990 ‰), 1000 feet Pt999 (platinum representing platinum-based quantity 999 ‰), recognize this line of tiny logo can bring you platinum quality guarantee.