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  • TRINITY, Store Your love Story

    Posted on January 13th, 2011 admin No comments

    Three kinds of colors fly in sky, three kinds of feelings blend in heart, this is the TRINITY of Carter, and it has been treated as the top symbol of high-quality artwork for a long time. Just as the magic story of Carter in 2oth century, they built an great spirit in that era and created magic space full of dreams, also they remember the different path of various kinds of life.

    TRINITY is one of the most famous rings. In 1924, the founder of Carter treated these three pieces of rings as a whole artwork in the first time, once they designed a product, they must take white K gold rings, red rose color k rings and golden color k rings, and then produced just one piece of ring. The special originality gave TRINITY unusual characteristics such as light, clever and elegance, three color were mixed perfectly, it seemed that it was a great power which can send out dazzling rays of lights.

    TRINITY of Carter used inspired the great poet of French, Joan Cocteau who was a great prophet and pioneers treated the three colors as accompany in his art lifelong time. Because of him, TRINITY became more unique special, elegant quality of art spread than before and then enhanced this classical point. Then, Joan Cocteau was aware of that the feeling which contained in simplicity will take great effects on fashion, and it can create a better way to wear rings.

    They meet these people who has low-key disposition, lived in a seam sprit, Carter released another three-ring rings in 1924, the first customer was Elise do Wolfe who was a sainted America room designer and has high-tastes in fashion. Award winning actor Gary Cooper also was a faithful follower of TRINITY of Carter, he used recommended it to public and he kept wear it from the 1930s in every occasion.

    You can share the dreams which are created by TRINITY. Love, affection and friendship and your story are emotional connotation in TRINITY, they are connected with the wearers tightly and they witness the purest feelings and the best dreams. As a considerate person, you should love your wife or husband and, then, choose a TRINITY to accompany with you, it will remember your personal memory and store the best thing!