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  • Top 4 Jewelry Brands Are Introduced for You

    Posted on April 15th, 2011 admin No comments

    From the first day I started to write my blog, I had a strong desire to introduce much fashion information and many fashion products for by blog readers, also I still wanted to share my ideas with you. My writing if from last winter, cold weather cannot stop my energy.

    My blog is about fashion jewelry, after learning from magazines and official websites of some famous brands, I have known much about various jewelry design and their ideas, for example, the world top luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany, if you search internet frequently, even every fashion website and blog all have specific introduction of this brand, from its early engagement jewelry to the latest yellow series, elegant design ideas is accompanies with their every generation of products. I also love the Tiffany setting, but it is very expensive and I cannot afford any one piece of it.

    Then, I want to list isVan Cleef & Arpels which is a famous jewelry brand, the origin of it is France French, and it is the top jewelry brand of French, in red carpets of Gold Global and the 83 th Oscar Awards, it also becomes an outstanding star and lights up the luxury and elegant atmosphere, the most unforgettable series jewelry of it is 2011 valentine’s day series jewelry watch, though it is famous as jewelry brand, it also design watch. Generally speaking, the brand releases gift series in every important commemoration day; so many fashion followers are expecting the next Mothers’ day series.

    Following I want to share with you is Chopard which is very hot in the early season of this year, this brand has gone through freely between jewelry and watch, a unique characteristic of it is that its noble and luxury is revealed by a king of pure, elegant and romantic disposition, wearing their products, you will be never high-key but still is an attractive model. Especially the Ice Cube series, white cold gold cuff-link is in a simple design but full of modern feeling. Pieces of diamonds are inlaid on it and they seem to be ice grains cover the jewelry.

    The last I want to refer is Piaget,learning from the name; I think it should be a nobleness brand, the most outstanding tradition of this brand is its mosaic technique, elegant inlaid diamonds and exquisite art style are used in their designs, the Possession series of jewelry has applied more than two tons of gold and 10 million pieces of diamonds so far, then we will know why it is welcomed

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Lights up the Oscar’s Night

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    In the Oscar 83th medal presentation ceremony, Cate Blanchett wears Givenchy custom-tailor bobtail and Van Cleef & Arpels elegant jewelry shows her different disposition. These jewelry includes a K golden which is set 127 pieces diamonds personal series tassel diamond bracelet which is made in 1946. Also a pair of Vintage earrings which was made of K golden and diamonds, rounding by oval yellow diamonds in 1981.

    Cate Blanchett

    As an awards honored guest, Robert Downey Jr. uses the Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series Midnight in Paris watch to match his Prada dark blue tailcoat. This series watch equips glass watch dial and hand paint 365 days turntable, 18k platinum watch case which is set 96 pieces long diamonds and matches a crocodile watchband.

    Robert Downey Jr

    The director of the movie Haevnen AKA In a Better World Susanne Bier decorates her ceremonial robe with classical jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels. This series jewelry includes a platinum K golden diamond bracelet and a pair of diamond earring.

    Susanne Bier

    The pre Oscar winner of Bcademy Awards Marisa Tomei is a awards honored guest, she wears a suit of Charles James from Lily et Cie dress which made in 1950 and matches attractive Vintage series jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels, this valuable Estate blue gems, diamonds and emerald earrings and bracelet which are custom made in a workshop of New York in 1960.

    Marisa Tomei

    The earrings are made of Yellow K gold set 4 pieces of blue gems and 88 pieces of diamonds, then 20 pieces of emerald and 6 pieces round blue gems are used.

    The bracelet is also made of Yellow K golden set  5 pieces of blue gems, 29 pieces of emerald and 164 pieces of diamonds.

  • Spring Designs of Jewelry, Nature’s Beauty

    Posted on February 26th, 2011 admin 12 comments

    Jewelry is a most important lyric method in fashion field, so, spring is an important season for jewelry design. In this season, jewelry designers learn from sprouting greenery and lovely birds to wake the world up.

    Being as natural as though it were living, birds remind of our dream, jewelry now are likely return nature characters which show the ingenious idea of combination between art and jewelry design , then they call up girls favorite beauty.

    Van Cleef & Arpels diamond brooch, being a whole diamond body, gliding line design light up a feeling that it seems that one bird is flying in sky and leaves a beautiful trajectory

    Cartier brooch, rare big emerald is set to be the bird body, you will be affected by the exquisite design of this high quality jewelry.

    Van Cleef & Arpels finger ring, the ring seems to be two colorful diamond birds that carry a beautiful diamond, this ideal design is fit to express love to your sweetheart.

    Lalique diamond brooch, the whole body seems to be true to nature; also it is a low-key top jewelry product.

    Van Cleef & Arpels earring, colorful match of this piece of diamond looks bright and attractive; however it is a nonobjective design among specific jewelry.

    Tiffany&Co brooch, colorful diamond bird has a strong feeling of east charm, traditional multicolor technique is developed, the phoenix deign has a meaning of lucky and wealth。

    Van Cleef & Arpels brooch, vertical curve design adds another beauty cultivates morality for this lady brooch.

    Tiffany&Co brooch, multicolor diamond is combined with valuable metals, the whole artwork shows colorful plume classes.

    Van Cleef & Arpels brooch, blue gems matches yellow diamond reveals a feeling of poetic quality and flavor, beautiful trajectory draws the beauty of spring.

    Boucheron finger ring, the opened bright tail feathers are made of multicolor diamonds and remind us of brilliant smoke and fire of night.

    Cartier brooch, rare big red ruby is made for the bird body which has plump colors and energy.

  • Entering Palace Vendem, the World Jewelry Box

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 admin 9 comments

    Being located at France, Paris, Place Vendem has became the most valuable jewelry box in Paris, here stands a bronze pillar that a bronze statuary was graved, it is an important sigh for Europe luxury life. Also you may find many famous luxury jewelry brands where store many ancient palace goods. Walking along the place, you may think you are in an art palace of jewelry; each diamond seems to reveals an intoxicating feeling.

    Cartier, founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris 1847, this top jewelry brand was treated as the king of jewelry merchant and the king’s jewelry merchant, it keeps a top position in imperial household and created many beautiful stories. Multi-styles are mixed into one product, so it is a dream to wear Cartier jewelry for more and more fashion followers.

    Boucheron was founded by Frédéric Boucheron in Paris 1858; it is the first high quality jewelry shop that set foot in Place Vendem, keeping traditional Paris spirit, it is a Sarotta jewelry merchant who is followed by many people and famous stars in fashion years.

    Chaumet was founded by Marie-Etienne Niltot in Paris 1780; it used to be the Napoleon’s personal jewelry designer and merchant, who witnessed the rise and fall of France dynasty, the trend of thought in literature and art given him great inspiration of creative design and practiced his skills.

    Van Cleef &Arpels was founded by Alfred Van Cleef &Estelle Arpels in Paris 1906. It started with a beautiful marriage and was famous for its outstanding inner setting technique and art jewelry creation. There were two shops in this Place Vendem.

    Mauboussin was founded by Rochet in Paris 1827; it was a focus in world-class exposition in the beginning of 20th century. also it was also a flash star in art decoration field.

  • Fashion Bride’s Love, Blonder Jewelry

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 admin 29 comments

    In a wedding, jewelry that bride wear should be appropriate in number, jewelry is used for promote disposition of bride. Folowing are 4 pieces accessories whch are luxury but simnple in design, they will help to build a bright bride in your wedding day.

    Van Cleef &Arpels Jewelry Wristband

    Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry wristband

    In this fresh spring, Van Cleef& Arpels treates nature as a resorce to create a new series high quqlity jewelry, to catch the nature beauty and chageable character and to act a free and jazzy romantic charm. This serie jewelry wristband vividly expresses that a flying bird is arrounded by nature’s love. When a bride wear this artwork, she will feel that it seems her brideroom is staying around her.

    Tiffany Elopichthys Bambusa Diamond Ring


    Tiffany challenge your imagination of luxury bride jewelry, yellow jewelry with perfect cutting skill supplys a unique beauty grand banquet. Four position are set constantly, the insparite is from the shapr of forever love, four hands  surround each piece of diamond which measn loves of east, west noth and south individualy. Elopichthys bambusa has magic power that once a bride wear this piece accessory, she will be full of luxurious and happiness.

    Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Earring

    Mikimoto pearl and Diamond Earring

    MIKIMOTO designers use their abundant imagination, breaking the traditional design and style; they get favors from secret power of nature, white pearl pistils, bright pink pearl earrings, they all seem to whisper the elegance and grace which will be the most flashing and attractive star in a wedding.

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Piaget Golden Jewelry Watch

    Many brides like to wear golden jewelry but designs of those always look old. Watch always be treated not only a time tool but a accessory, this style watch combines gold and watch, yellow and mulberry color show a noble feeling  and disposition, it will be an unprecedented product which connects elegance and fashion factors into one body, so brides may love it.