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  • Some Common Senses of Emeralds 2

    Posted on March 17th, 2011 admin No comments

    Eastern country has another understanding the emerald. Many centuries ago, India’s sacred scriptures Vedic interpretation of it shown characteristics, Emerald can bring the wearer luck “and” enhance the life welfare, so we can understand why there are many pieces of beautiful emeralds in India king’s precious (mineral) deposits. In 1695, a giant Emeralds weighing gem was found, 217.80 carat, about 10 centimeters tall. One side was carved with prayers and the other side with magnificent flower marks. In September 2001, the legendary emerald was bought by anonymous buyer with 2.2 billion dollars in London Christie’s auction.

    Respected emerald from ancient times, one of the most famous emeralds is stored in a museum. New York museum of natural history has exhibited a pure emerald cup belongs to Jahangir emperor of India. Patricia, the world’s largest Colombia  original rock emeralds weighing 632 carat. Bogota bank also collects five invaluable original stone, weight between 220 to 1796 carats, and these bright emeralds belong to Iran and are treated as an important part of the Treasury, and it used decorate the queen’s crown. According to records, Iran’s royal has the world’s largest emerald treasures, and has thousands of pieces of colorful, beautiful, and more than 50 carats emeralds. A Pahlavi crown has 100 carats, 65 carats and 3 pieces of 14 carats emeralds gorgeous color. In the throne set have 21 pieces of heavy 35 to 90 carats, four pieces of heavy 100 to 170 carats and a about 225 carat emerald, thus Iran treats emerald as a treasure royal.