Love never fades
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  • Top 4 Wedding Rings From Top Brands

    Posted on April 1st, 2011 admin No comments

    Chaumet “ tu m’aimes”series wedding ring

    Born in Napoleon period and being a French imperial household jewelry brand, Chaumet still spreads noble romantic disposition of the top class family. During the past 228 years, love has kept in Chumet, different Chumet represent love moment, fresh love, in love, lingering love and hold love, in this tu m’ aims series top jewelry, a piece of gold inlaid diamonds finer ring is made of valuable gems and metals.

    It just likes a Charm temptation games, the jewelry is a piece of cobweb which braids beautiful and romantic love stories and grasp all promises of desires and loves. Being designed with perceptual and funny factors, it express the mine them of nature.

    Bvlgari bride“Corona”series wedding ring

    The design inspiration of the Corona is from the appearance of corolla and soft outline of flowers, it is a wedding symbol in Roman period, at that time, bride wearing white wedding dress, velarium flammeun and an elegant flower crown, stands on an altar.

    Platinum is treated as the metal fro paradise, its special luster, unusually bright light in sculpture and pure white color express the unique character of diamond. Corona is made of gold r platinum and designed to be a V shape outline, the inlaid diamond represents true love and lasting pure feeling.

    Harry Winston Lesotho series wedding ring

    Noble unique emerald carving skill develops the harry Winston wedding ring keynote, Unconditional Love expresses loyal and steadfast love and regretless promise of lovers and moves many sweethearts.

    Harry Winston diamond emerald crystal displays flawless and explains the loyalty of love and commitment lovers without regret. Greece ship lord Onassis used bought a big piece of diamond wedding ring.

    Omega Aqua Wave series ring

    This series sets hippocampus, classic factors of watch and Omega symbol elements into jewelry works; it is a nipuna explanation of mystery oceans, 18k gold and diamond are inlaid to the wave shape ring and pass a love promise.